About The Author

Michael Hammersley was born in Bury, when it was still in the county of Lancashire, England.

The family moved to Cheshire when Michael was nine years old, where he forged new friendships and discovered hobbies which would last a lifetime. Collecting bubble gum cards was a pastime for most boys of his age, not just for the candy but for the "swapsies" contained in the packets - American Civil War collectibles. His fervent interest in the North/South war continued on into adulthood, with Michael discovering the joys - and rigours  - of historical living history, taking part in re-enactments both in the UK and the USA. 

At the 125th Gettysburg event, a group portraying the 13th Alabama regiment took Michael - then a living history rookie - under their wing, with the result that today, he is proud to count some of their members as his closest friends.  In contrast, his business career has been spent mostly in IT so writing documentation, journals and proposals to meet impossible deadlines has prepared him well for an author's life of working way into the small hours of the morning to get the words down on paper.

Now that Keeping Dixie has reached the shelves, Michael feels that he has finally landed where he should be, combining his love of history with his aptitude for telling a great story. 

Michael is supported in his endeavours by his singer/songwriter wife Jools Hammersley, four children and a large ginger cat. But that is a tale for another time!

Coping with life's vicissitudes is a team effort!