OUT ON THE ESTUARY A SMALL WIND STIRRED. It rolled over the wetlands as a gentle breeze and meekly followed the Thames upriver until it reached the eastern approaches to the Port of London.  There it fed on the rising heat of crowded tenements and industrial chimneys, gathering strength and force until it roiled out of the alleys, lifting the fog and carrying with it the first cry of, 'Fire!'

Daniel Beauchamp realised his error before the day was out but his real mistake was to ignore his father’s caution.

May 1862, hopes of a quick victory in America’s civil war have perished with the losses at Shiloh. Across the Atlantic, it has been six months since the Trent crisis that almost dragged Britain into the same abyss. The architect of the peace is dead and the nation is in mourning.
Before he died, the so-called peacemaker devised a stratagem to punish the Federal government for its blatant aggression and it has fallen to an organisation that calls itself ‘The Club' to continue his work. If all goes to plan, the political map of the world will be changed irrevocably.
Except that secrets are hard to keep and rumours of Britain’s duplicity have already reached Washington.

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Coming soon :
Field of Stones
The Beauchamp Chronicles - Book Two

Michael is looking forward to the publication of the second book in the Beauchamp Chronicles series.  Date of publication will be announced as soon as possible - you can check back here and also on Michael's Twitter feed.